Ben Van Looy

How it started?

Hi, my name is Ben, I’m the founder of Puffin gin and when I’m not hanging upside down a tree, I’m looking to create something new. Before starting my own liquor brand, I did a lot of different things. One day I read an article about distilling premium gin so I thought, “why not try that once?”. The more I wanted to know, the more I got attracted by the bottle design and endless possibilities of creating a gin so I searched for a distiller who could help me out and from then on, it all got out of hand.

I wanted to create a world of Puffin, a world of fun and love with attractive and high quality gins. So If I wanted to distill a gin, it must be premium quality and something more than just a nice gin to drink with friends and family. It took a lot of time and effort to create a perfect taste, a nice balance and a sublime design. And as for now, we are still changing, trying and dreaming about new stuff to make.

Taste of authenticity

Authenticity is important, so for my first gin, Puffin gold, I wanted to work with flavors that took me back to my childhood. More specific I wanted to create a gin with ingredients that reconnected me to my grandparents. As long as I can remember, they were gardening, harvesting the most incredible strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb. I Immediately knew that those flavors must be central in my first gin, Puffin gold.

Perfect balance

As they are not easy to combine, Sweet, sour and the bitterness of gin, we experimented a lot. With the knowledge of the distillery, some good advice from a friend/chef and a lot of determination, we succeeded in creating the perfect harmony. Puffin gold was born. This perfect balance makes our Puffin gold very tasteful, different yet not sweet or colored. A perfect premium Belgian gin to celebrate life with friends and family. Cheers!

World Of Puffin

When I finally had my first gin recipe, I still needed a name for my future brand. As a bird loving traveler, I looked for a bird that blended in perfectly in my way of living, it had to be different, made people smile, must carry a lot of loyalty but overall It had to be adventures and determinate.
Puffin it became! As clown of the sea, colorful and playful, they were the perfect ambassadors for the brand.

And as we grow as a brand, we create some new drinks, always authentic, different and fun. That’s how life should be! That’s our world, the world of Puffin!!


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1910 Kampenhout

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